Social Media Management Agency: Is it Too Late to Start?


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Social Media Management Agency: Is it Too Late to Start?


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A lot of professionals enroll in Revenue Spark feeling completely discouraged. Their attempts at growing their social media management agency left them exhausted and stressed. There’s a reason that scaling a social media marketing agency is so difficult: There are so many of them. Does that mean it’s too late for you to get in the game with your own SMMA?

Here’s the good news: No! It’s not too late to have an SMMA business. But here’s the thing: Standing out from your competition is going to make or break the success of your social media management agency.

So, let’s talk about how to start a social media marketing agency that earns the revenue you want.

Psst! If you prefer video over text, I’ve got you covered.

Igniting Your Social Media Management Agency Amid Insane Competition

As I said, we need to get your agency to stand out.

To do that, we’re going to work off of what I call a transformation statement, and we’re going to break down the three pieces of this statement to help you make your agency emerge from the competition.

Here’s the statement:

We help _________ do _________ by _________.

Makes total sense, right? Stick with me. Let me tell you what these three blanks are.

The first blank is your audience. You help who?

Your audience is not “businesses.” This is too broad, and you’re not really speaking to anyone. You need to call out exactly who you want to work with. Fashion brands? Medical companies? Cannabis dispensaries?

“Oh no, that’s okay. We work with everyone,” you’re saying.

No you don’t.

Don’t go wide. Go narrow and deep. (You might like my blog on SMMA niches). When you do this, you position your agency as the expert of that industry — of fashion or cannabis or whatever. And you know what that means: You can charge more. A lot more. Why? Because experts make more than generalists.

Let’s go back to our statement, and let’s use fashion brands as an example. “We help fashion brands ______ do ______ by ______.”

That second blank is what you help your audience do or accomplish.

“Well, we help them be better at social media.”

Good! How?

Again, this is too broad. How exactly do you help them? For example, do you help fashion brands sell more through social media? Are you focused more on organic reach and engagement?

Let’s say our social media management agency focuses on boosting sales and revenue. In that case, our transformation statement might be, “We help fashion brands increase product sales through ______.”

That final blank is how you help fashion brands achieve this. In this case, it’s paid ads.

Our complete statement is, “We help fashion brands increase product sales through targeted social media ads.”

We’ve got our audience, what we help them achieve, and how.

How to Use Your Transformation Statement for Your Social Media Management Agency

Do you see how this is much more specific and concrete than just, “We’re a social media management agency”? You took something very vague and very nebulous and turned that into, “This is who we help, how we help them, and how exactly we’re going to do it.”

Yes, this is just one statement, but here’s what you’re going to do with it.

You’re going to use this information in your LinkedIn headline. I have a video on that. Check it out!

You’re going to expand on this statement in your LinkedIn summary. I’ve also got a video on that.

And you’re going to use the information from your statement when you’re reaching out to leads on LinkedIn. Here’s more help with LinkedIn messaging:

So now, when you reach out to your dream clients, you’re not going to sound like every other schmuck telling them, “Yeah, we do social media!” You can now clearly convey what you have to offer them and how you plan to accomplish it. And, because you’ve identified your audience, guess who you’re going to reach out to?

Companies in that audience.

In our example, because our social media management agency helps fashion brands, we’ll reach out to apparel companies, textile companies, material suppliers, merchandisers, stylists, people in the fashion industry, and so on.

Swear to goddess I’m going to have this etched into my epitaph when I pass onto the next realm: Don’t try to be everything to everybody. You will end up being nothing.

Thank you for coming to my TedTalk. If you found this blog helpful, share it with a friend. If you need more help picking a niche, I have a guide on that. And if you want to learn exactly how I scaled my agency to almost $20,000 a month in revenue, check out my private program, Revenue Spark.