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How to Start a Social Media Agency in 2020

How to Start a Social Media Agency in 2020

This blog contains affiliate links. If you sign up using my links, I make a small commission. I only recommend tools I use (and love) myself. "I own a social media agency," says everyone. This became the hot new business venture in 2018/2019, and we shouldn't expect...

The 3 Best Digital Nomad Jobs

The 3 Best Digital Nomad Jobs

According to research from MBO partners, 4.8 million independent workers consider themselves digital nomads. About 17 million more hope to be one someday. If you want to be free from the chains of geography and travel to — and work — where you please, hang with me to...

How to Create a Writing Portfolio That Sells

How to Create a Writing Portfolio That Sells

We've already talked about why your freelance writer website is so important. But there's another factor that you'd be wise not to neglect: your writing portfolio. Your writing portfolio is your chance to showcase your best pieces and give potential clients a better...

Blog Structure 101: How to Structure a Blog Post

Blog Structure 101: How to Structure a Blog Post

Your blog structure is really important. Why? Because if it's off, people are going to leave your page within seconds. That's right. It's not just about what you say. It's also about how what you say looks on the page. Here's a great example of a terrible blog...

How to Find the Best Keywords for your Blog

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6 Common Freelance Writing Website Mistakes

Your freelance writing website is important for landing new clients. But if you’re making any of these common mistakes, it could be hurting your business.

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I am reviewing your program on SEO I purchased months ago. This is really good. Very detailed and you added information that is useful for new writers like myself. I like the way you broke it down in a simple presentation. Your curriculum connects clearly from one module to the next. This program can be used as a reference library. It is always applicable. Thanks.


When it comes to writing coaches, there are loads that talk a good game, but Megan Grant helps you make it happen. She’s constantly encouraging me and has given me the confidence to kick my marketing in high gear. Megan convinced me to murder my inner scholar—whose writing would make your eyes glaze over. She’s helped me unleash my quirky personality. The result? My cold email open rate skyrocketed by 25 percent. If you’re a writing noob, she won’t treat you like your head is full of Pop Rocks because you ask, “What the heck is a query?” She’s the perfect mix of tough-love and kindness. I can’t speak more highly of her.