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Revenue Spark

Learn Exactly How to Make Money as a Freelancer

Freelancing is the future. If you want to…

  • Leave your 9-5 completely or freelance on the side

  • Earn money on your own
  • Control your time and income

… then you’re in the right place.

Revenue Spark is a lifetime-access program that teaches you exactly how to land clients, grow your income, and build your business as a freelancer.


Freelancers Share a Lot of Common Struggles

Please know that you’re not alone. Building a business isn’t easy. And with so much information available that tells you how to do this, how can you know who to listen to?

I’ve spoken to hundreds of freelancers over the years. I’ve been there myself. Here’s where we all struggle:

  • We don’t know where to find good leads (meaning potential clients).

  • We don’t know how to connect with them.
  • Getting their attention is hard.
  • It seems like clients are never willing to pay what we want.
  • It always feels like it’s one step forward, 10 steps back.

In other words:
landing clients. Landing clients is, hands down, the hardest part of making money as a freelancer.

So, What’s the Solution?

Since starting my business more than 10 years ago, I’ve tried many approaches — cold emailing, cold calling, door-to-door, Facebook ads, you name it. It was through trial and error that I finally found something that consistently works.

By following the approach that I teach in Revenue Spark for landing clients and growing as a freelancer, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build a mindset of success and positivity.
  • Leverage LinkedIn to grow your freelancing business.

  • Get off job boards and bidding sites to hand-pick your clients.

  • Make the money you want on your own terms.

  • Consistently turn cold leads into paying clients.

Essentially, I’m giving you the no-BS, start-to-finish approach to working smarter, not harder, to find freedom through freelancing.

Results Speak Louder Than Words


Megan is a great coach. She’s truly an expert … In addition to that, our time together was pure joy. If I had a question or when I needed help with something, I felt that she was always there for me.

Johan B.

Johan B.

Before the course even ended, I landed two solid clients whose pay bumped my monthly income up about three times what it previously was.

Bright E.

Bright E.

I’ve now got my first two clients! Documents are being finalized as we speak! I’m happy to say that with those two clients alone, I’VE SUCCESSFULLY REPLACED MY PAST INCOME!

Devon F.

Devon F.

From big things like shifting your mindset and finding clients to the little things like creating your own email signature, Revenue Spark has it covered. This program dissects everything you need to know from sourcing leads to landing clients and Megan is with you every step of the way.

Cathy S.

Cathy S.

What Makes This Approach Different?

I know I’m not the only one teaching freelancers how to land clients. I also know that my strategy is unique. Here’s why:

  • My approach is no-fluff, no-BS. I teach you only what you really need to know, and I keep it simple.

  • We’re not going to run paid ads or set up complicated email funnels.
  • You’re not going to automate this whole process, which often ends up significantly hurting the results.
  • I teach you how to work smarter. I am anti-hustle culture and want you to have an amazing life that doesn’t involve being chained to your computer.
  • This process works whether you want to make a little extra money or have freelancing be your full-time gig.
  • You get real-life support from human beings: the other students in the program and me. You are never alone on this journey.

Founded By Megan Grant


After getting laid off four times in five years, I decided I’d had enough. Corporate America was not for me. So, I turned to freelancing.

At the time, no one was really teaching freelancers how to land clients, and I needed to figure it out on my own.

I started very small, making about $1,300 a month. Over the years, I’ve scaled to six figures a year.


Lesson 1: Orientation

The orientation sets you up for success, tells you how to use the program and get the support you need, and offers general guidelines and suggestions.

Lesson 2: Master Your Mindset

It all starts in your mind. We’re going to eliminate your toxic thoughts and money blocks so that the cash can flow easily and without friction. There are no limits to how much money you can make as a freelancer.

Lesson 3: BONUS: Leveling Up Your Money Mindset

Learn more advanced tactics to get to the root of your self-limiting beliefs and unleash your money mentality.

Building a Solid Foundation

Lesson 1: Pick a Niche

Picking a freelancing niche allows you to eliminate much of your competition, position yourself as an expert, and charge more.

Lesson 2: BONUS: Niche Exercises

Dive deeper into how exactly you can pick a profitable niche you’ll love.

Lesson 3: Create Your Star Client Avatar

Get specific about your dream clients so that you know what types of brands and professionals to reach out to.

Lesson 4: Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Show up higher in LinkedIn search results to increase your exposure and get in front of more leads.

Lesson 5: How to Create the Content on Your LinkedIn Profile

Clearly establish your expertise and use your LinkedIn profile to sell yourself as a freelancer.

BONUS: LinkedIn Mastery

Lesson 1: How to Create Engaging LinkedIn Posts

Understand exactly how to provide value to your followers and boost your likes, comments, and shares.

Lesson 2: How to Do Hashtag Research on LinkedIn

Strategically use hashtags to increase your engagement.

How to Source Leads

Lesson 1: The 6-Point System of Sourcing Leads

These six methods are free and provide endless opportunities to reach out to potential clients.

Lesson 2: BONUS: How to Conduct Boolean Searches on LinkedIn

Refine your searches even more for laser-targeted results.

Lesson 3: How to Qualify Leads

You don’t want to work with just anyone. You want to work with brands that’ll happily pay you what you’re worth.

Lesson 4: How to Track Down the Best Contact

Zero in on the best people to pitch to, who are going to be more receptive to your freelancing services.

Lesson 5: Adding a Note to Your Invite

Personalize the experience for the lead every step of the way.

Sending Warm Emails

Lesson 1: Design Your Email Signature

A signature block helps you appear more polished as a freelancer.

Lesson 2: Start Sending Warm Emails

This is where we take the conversation to the next level and get into the nitty-gritty.

Lesson 3: How to Follow Up

Following up is a natural part of landing clients as a freelancer. Do it strategically.

Lesson 4: How to Schedule Calls

Gently but effectively move the lead toward the close!

Mastering the Discovery Call

Lesson 1: The Business Owner Mindset

Before you get on any calls, prepare yourself to speak like a freelancer, not an employee.

Lesson 2: The Phone Script

Learn exactly what to say on the call and how to steer it in the right direction, so you maintain control (and confidence).

Lesson 3: Your Proposal

This is where you finalize the main details of your relationship with the client. Use my template!

Lesson 4: How to Talk About Money

Talk about your rates like a pro and handle sales objections with ease.

Measuring, Testing, and Making Adjustments

Lesson 1: Open Rate

Learn what to do if your open rate is lower than expected.

Lesson 2: CTA Conversion Rate

Learn how to turn more emails into discovery calls.

Lesson 3: Close Rate

Learn how to turn more leads into paying relationships.

Lesson 4: Analytics and Sales

Know your numbers! This is one of the most important parts of perfecting your strategy.

Setting You Up for Long-Term Success

Lesson 1: Managing the Formula Efficiently

Speed up the process — and your results — if you want to keep scaling your freelancing business.

Lesson 2: Helpful Tools

Get my recommendations for tools and software that you might want to implement.



What happens after I enroll?2024-03-29T13:50:50-08:00

Once you enroll, I receive an email. I’ll reach out to you with one document to sign saying that you won’t resell my program. After that, we’ll get you in the Facebook group (if you’d like) and I will also create your account for the program, and that’s it! You’ll have full access.

What if I have a learning disability?2022-11-21T16:21:41-08:00

Does your brain work in a different way? That makes you unique! This is a safe community. If you’re interested in Revenue Spark but want to know how we might better tailor it for you, based on how you learn best, please reach out to me.

Will Megan be available if I have questions?2024-03-29T13:48:11-08:00

Yes! I’m very active in the Facebook group and respond to every post. In this group, you’re also able to connect with other students.

How long do I have access to the program?2022-10-24T16:42:10-08:00

You have lifetime access to everything. Revenue Spark is self-paced, so you can take as much time as you want and revisit it whenever you want.

Once I’ve enrolled, are there additional tools/software I’ll need to purchase?2022-10-24T16:41:41-08:00

No. You can if you want, but it’s not required in order to see results.

Will this work if I’m just starting out?2022-10-24T16:41:14-08:00

Yes! Many students come to me with zero experience.

Who is Revenue Spark for?2022-10-24T16:39:46-08:00

Revenue Spark is designed for freelancers of all kinds — writers, graphic designers, social media managers, SEOs, web designers, etc. I also have students who are not freelancers, like agencies and consultants. My process is best-suited for client-based B2B businesses offering digital services.

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