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A Proven Formula for Landing High Paying Clients

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Have you tried everything to land clients but NOTHING seems to work?

You’re not alone. Client acquisition is, without a doubt, one of the hardest parts of building a business.

And I can promise you this: It’s not your fault. The internet is saturated with information surrounding how to grow your business. Tons of “experts” and “gurus” promise to make you a millionaire overnight. How do you know where to start? Where to go? What to do? You’re not where you want to be. How do you evolve your business into what you’ve always dreamed of?

Here’s the answer: You use a process that’s already been tested, refined, and proven. You rely on this to guide you so that there are no guesses, no question marks.

That’s what Revenue Spark: A Proven Formula for Landing High-Paying Clients is.

What is Revenue Spark?

Revenue Spark is a step-by-step process that teaches you exactly what to do to land clients for your business. It covers the entire lifespan of client acquisition, from sourcing leads to sending them your proposal. This program is self-paced and designed to help you land your next clients before you’ve even completed all seven modules.

Professionals of all kinds are already finding success with the formula.

What People Are Saying

Juana P.

“I’ve used your cold pitch templates and they are like GOLD. I got a response from a MAJOR company and it’s looking like I’ll be writing a feature or article for a future issue … ALL thanks to your cold email templates.”

Cherese C.

“When it comes to coaches, there are loads that talk a good game, but Megan helps you make it happen … The result? My cold email open rate skyrocketed by 25%.”

Kanoe F.

“I learned the steps I need to take to find qualified clients and had the support that I need to verify if what I was doing was correct or needed to be fixed.”

What will you learn?

Revenue Spark is your start-to-finish route to growing your business. Keep scrolling for the program outline.

Module 1: Introduction
  1. Orientation
  2. Master Your Mindset: Defeat Imposter Syndrome and self-limiting beliefs
Module 2: Build a Solid Foundation
  1. Pick a Niche: Position yourself as an expert and eliminate your competition
  2. Create Your Start Client Avatar: Zoom in on your ideal client to reduce “client clutter”
  3. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile: Show up higher in search results and massively increase your exposure
Module 3: How to Source Leads
  1. The 6-Point System of Sourcing Leads: Source endless high-quality leads for higher conversions
  2. How to Qualify Leads: Determine if a lead will be interested and able to pay what you want
  3. How to Track Down the Best Contact: Reach out to the person who will be most receptive to what you’re selling
Module 4: Sending Warm Emails
  1. Design Your Email Signature: Position yourself as a true authority
  2. Start Sending Warm Emails: Take the conversation from LinkedIn to email to ultimately pitch your services
  3. How to Follow Up: Move your leads toward the close
  4. How to Schedule Calls: Further build trust and authority by committing to a call
Module 5: Mastering the Phone Call
  1. The Business Owner Mindset: Overcome doubt and nerves on the phone
  2. The Phone Script: The exact phone script/template you need to ace the call
  3. Your Proposal: Craft a proposal to solidify your services and rates
  4. How to Talk About Money: How to handle common money objections + important dos and don’ts
Module 6: Measuring, Testing, and Making Adjustments
  1. Open Rate: How to get more leads to open your email
  2. CTA Conversion Rate: How to get more leads to book a call
  3. Close Rate: How to convert more leads to paying clients
  4. Analytics & Sales: How to precisely track your progress to amplify your success
Module 7: Setting You Up for Long-Term Success
  1. Managing the Formula Efficiently: Speed the steps up for even faster results
  2. Helpful Tools: Ways to stay organized and efficient long-term

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Meet Your Instructor

Megan Grant started her career as a freelancer over 10 years ago. Since then, she’s taken her side hustle and turned it into an agency that generates five figures a month in revenue. Now, she’s teaching other professionals around the world to do the same with Revenue Spark: A Proven Formula for Landing High-Paying Clients.