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3 Freelance Writer Websites That SELL

Published on November 2, 2020 by Megan Grant in Freelance Writing

We’ve talked about freelance writer websites before. We’ve discussed why your website might not be working, along with common mistakes a lot of freelance writers make . This time, I’d like to give you a few examples of freelance writer websites that CRUSH it. These will give you something to look up to if you’re building your own site or simply trying to improve upon what you already have.

Psst! If you want to learn about some of those common mistakes that I mentioned, check this out.

3 Freelance Writer Websites That Sell Like a BOSS

Cherese Cobb

Cherese Cobb is one of those writers who makes everything look so effortless — and her website is no exception. It’s beautifully clean and eye-catching, with gorgeous images and even emojis. (I love emojis!)

Plus, she does a fantastic job of injecting some of her own personality in there while still keeping it professional.

cherese cobb website

It’s not just about aesthetics, though. Cherese has a way with words that you just don’t come across very often. Her writing is precise, succinct, and — here’s one of the best parts — geared toward her site visitors.

When talking about client acquisition on my YouTube channel , I’ve said maybe 500 times (give or take) that you need to make this all about the lead, not about yourself. That’s how you land clients.

This is about them. Not you.

And Cherese does this so well on her website. Like… I don’t even know HOW she does it so well.

She manages to let you get to know her just enough, while still telling you — the client — important things that you need to know.

This is one of the first things you see when you land on her homepage. Almost immediately, you know what you can expect if you hire her.

cherese cobb freelance writer website

She even has a FAQs page , which is brilliant, to say the least. And you better believe that these really are very common questions. When people are interested in speaking with her, this will save both parties a load of time and also help weed out clients that Cherese probably wouldn’t want to work with.

Bright Ewuru

Bright Ewuru ! I adore Bright. He’s one of the students in my client acquisition program, Revenue Spark. But that’s not why I want to brag about him — although, ahem, he DID double his income before even finishing the course. But I’ll save that for another blog.

Bright also has a great freelance writer website. Here’s why I love it.

For starters, let’s talk about this header.

bright ewuru website header

There are a few great things happening here.

First, he’s got a photo there. Smart move. You have to remember that when you’re reaching out to prospective clients, you’re a stranger behind a computer. Anything you can do to remove some of that mystery and help build trust is a wise choice. One way to do that? Let people see your gorgeous mug.

Second, oh look! His niches. He calls them out front and center. You all know how serious I get about picking a niche.

Need help with this part? Check out this video.

Third, right under his niches is a call-to-action — or a CTA. This is so important. Don’t assume that your prospects will take the initiative to find a way to contact you, because they won’t. You have to tell them exactly what to do, as Bright did here.

Something else I love about Bright’s site is that like Cherese, he keeps it simple. A lot of writers understandably get overwhelmed while trying to build their sites. And why wouldn’t they? We’re not web designers, damnit!

But here’s the thing. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy or elaborate. You need people to know that you can write — not that you can design a killer website.

Bright’s website is clean, easy to navigate, and it positions him as an expert.

Rachel Maree

When I first stumbled upon Rachel Maree ’s freelance writer website, my first thought was, “Ooo… pretty.” And then I took a closer look and was all, “Well holy cow. This chick knows what’s up.”

You land on her homepage and this is the first thing you see.

rachel maree website header

Rachel does a fantastic job at focusing on benefits, not features.

Let me explain.

Features are the thing you do. SEO. Keyword research. Those are things you do.

Benefits are what the client enjoys as a result of the features. Increased reach. Better online visibility. New business.

Features don’t speak to leads. Benefits do. Why? Because this is all about them!

One more time for the cheap seats in the back.


And Rachel does this oh-so-beautifully. Like the pro I’m sure she is, she’s got her CTA button just below the benefits. You go, Rachel.

Immediately below her benefits and CTA? Testimonials.

rachel maree testimonials

Fewer things are more powerful sales/marketing material than testimonials. You can toot your own horn all you want. But when other people start tooting your horn, you know you’re on the right track. Your potential clients are going to believe what current/past clients have to save, much more than they’ll believe what YOU have to say.

Something else I love about this site that I feel is pretty unique is her page The big WHY ? Rachel explains why clients should hire her as opposed to bringing someone in-house or doing it themselves.

And this is a common sales objection you are definitely going to hear at some point. So, she’s wise to address it upfront.

These are just three examples of freelance writer websites that (more than) get the job done. I want to highlight and reiterate a few really important points.

1: Do not stress about your website.

It doesn’t need to be perfect, fancy, elaborate, or high-tech. Very often, writers aren’t techy people. I’m certainly not, and my website got me to five figures a month in revenue until Ado Kukic recently redesigned it and made it a million, bajillion, fafillion times better.

Yes, that’s a number. Don’t @ me.

If you look more closely at the three websites in this blog, they’re to-the-point. They don’t try to distract or impress you with anything over-the-top, which would probably be very counterintuitive. These freelance writers very creatively and cleverly use their websites as tools to sell their services.

And that’s exactly what a website is. A tool.

2: Focus on selling.

I say this because it’s one of the biggest boo-boos freelance writers make with their sites.

Because many of us are artistic by nature, we tend to talk about that a lot on our websites. “Passionate writer.” “Lover of the written word.”

Those are beautiful sentiments, but here’s the thing. Your potential clients don’t care.

They don’t care if we’re passionate about what we do. They care about if we’re GOOD at it and can deliver real results.

You can still talk about how much you love writing! But save it for your about page, where it’s okay to get a little personal. (I said a little personal! Don’t talk about your break-up or that weird rash you have. And seriously, get that thing looked at.)

As for the rest of your site, it should be focused on selling your services, just like these three writers accomplished.

3: Put it together, publish it, and move on with your life.

I can’t stress this enough: Progress over perfection.

If you obsess over making your freelance writer website “perfect” (whatever the heck that means) before you’ll launch it or use it to land new clients, we’ll all be old and crusty and gross before you ever start to make a living as a writer.

Set a deadline for yourself — one that makes you just a little uncomfortable — and commit to having your site up and running by then.

After that date, you can go back and tweak. And rest assured that you will always be tweaking. Websites are ever-evolving creatures. So, don’t let that bother or worry you. It’s totally normal. Just take the next step!

Once your site is ready to rock and roll, you can move onto the next step: reaching out to potential clients. I’ve got a freebie for that! Click here to get it.