Can You Start an SMMA Business in 2023?


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Can You Start an SMMA Business in 2023?


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You might be considering starting an SMMA, social media marketing agency, in 2023. But maybe you’ve also noticed that SMMAs have become quite hot over the years. They sort of became one of the more popular go-tos for people looking to start an online business, largely thanks to entrepreneurs like Tai Lopez and other successful business owners who also drive fancy cars, have large homes, and hang around exceptionally attractive people.

With how common SMMA businesses are these days, is it really wise to launch your own in 2023?

Let’s discuss. I’m going to answer that question, and then I’m going to offer you a few tips for how you can make a real living with your own SMMA.

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Is it Too Late to Build an SMMA Business?

Here’s the thing about SMMAs. Tons of people have created one, and very few ever make any real money. Why? Because they have no clue what they’re doing.

Too many people think that social media is easy. It’s not. They think it’s just a matter of throwing up posts every day. It’s not. They think it’s about looking cool, and capitalizing on those vanity metrics — likes, comments. It’s not.

So, are there tons of SMMAs? Too many SMMAs? Yes. Does that mean you can’t succeed? No.

A lot of industries are saturated. All this means is that if every SMMA is going in one direction, you need to go in another direction. You need a way to stand out.

Let’s talk about what that means.

How to Build a Profitable SMMA Business in 2022

A lot of people are starting SMMAs and pitching themselves as full-service digital marketing agencies. These are solopreneurs saying that they run a full-service digital marketing agency.

No. No, they don’t. And if they do, I guarantee their services are awful.

No one human can run a full-service agency. So, here’s my first tip for you.

(1) Pick One or Two Services that Fall Under the Umbrella of Social Media Marketing, and Specialize in Them

Do you think you can crush it on Instagram? Become an Instagram expert.

Are you really good at optimizing videos and creating click-worthy thumbnails? Focus on YouTube.

Are you especially interested in learning how to generate revenue through paid ads? Focus on paid ads.

You can’t be great at everything. If you try to tackle everything, you’re going to be mediocre at best. Mediocre professionals make mediocre money. Experts make a lot more.

My second tip: We’re going to get even more specific…

(2) Pick One or Two Industries You Want to Focus on Offering Your Services To

There are countless industries, but here’s just one example. Let’s say you love yoga. It’s always been a personal passion, and you know a lot about it. Pitch your services to yoga-related brands. 🧘

Maybe you’re a tech junkie. Reach out to tech brands and offer your services to them.

I know between these first two tips, you might be thinking: This is seriously going to limit me.


This is a very common fear people have, and for a long time, I refused to niche down as well. But I will scream it from the rooftops. Experts make more money than generalists.

And also, you’re just going to find it far easier to get work, period. Because many of the SMMAs out there are trying to offer every kind of service to every kind of company.

You can’t do it all, nor do you want to.

Third tip…

(3) Start Positioning Yourself as an Authority in Your Field

One of the most common questions I get is, “How can I land clients if I don’t have any experience?”

First, don’t panic, because we all start at zero.

What you need to do is start creating content online that shows people, “Hey, I know what the heck I’m talking about.” One of the simplest ways to do this is on LinkedIn. This platform is made for professionals. Plus, it’s a great place to reach out to your leads.

If you need help with that, watch the video below.

If you’re trying to grow your SMMA, get on LinkedIn and post tips, or statistics, or infographics. Publish articles showcasing your knowledge. I’ve got two videos that can help you be more successful on LinkedIn. One offers general LinkedIn engagement hacks, and the other focuses on LinkedIn hashtags specifically.

Even without having clients, you can start to demonstrate that you still have some expertise.

Remember, the goal here, what we’re talking about, is getting you to stand out from all the other SMMAs out there, because there are so many.

A lot of these SMMAs are (1) offering every service they can think of, (2) to every business they can think of, (3) even though they have nothing to demonstrate their abilities.

So, you are going to (1) offer a specific service, (2) to a specific industry, (3) while highlighting your knowledge on a platform like LinkedIn.

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