5 Proven Cold Email Templates to Land Clients


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5 Proven Cold Email Templates to Land Clients


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Many times, I’ve talked about my love affair with cold emailing. Over the years, I’ve tried several methods of client acquisition — like cold calling, going door to door, and running paid Facebook ads. Nothing has brought me the results that cold emailing has. This has been pivotal in scaling my agency to make five figures a month in revenue. I’m always offering as much advice and guidance as I can think of, and the only next step I found I could take is to offer you my exact cold email templates.

So, I am.

I put together the five cold email templates that I use to consistently land high-paying clients. Each email template comes with three sections:

  1. The finished email as I would send it.
  2. A version that breaks down the purpose of each paragraph.
  3. An explanation of why it works so well.

I’ve even underlined the words that you need to replace with your own details, so all you have to do is copy the template, plug in your info, and hit send.

Get the templates at Gumroad.

Get the templates at Etsy.

These Cold Email Templates Were 10 Years in the Making

I started freelance writing in 2010, so that’s when my journey with cold emailing really began. Since then, I’ve sent who knows how many thousands of emails. I’ve learned what to say, what to avoid. What people love hearing, what sends them running for the hills. I’ve learned how to be just a little bit aggressive but not so aggressive that I push them away.

And over the years, I turned my modest freelance writing side hustle into a digital marketing agency with a remote team that generates five figures a month in revenue.

“But cold emailing doesn’t work…”

Nothing works if you do it the wrong way. 😉

Indeed, cold emailing can be a total bust if you don’t do it properly. If you:

  • Rely on hard-selling…
  • Focus on yourself and not the lead…
  • Offer nothing of value…
  • Aren’t your genuine, authentic self…

… then cold emailing isn’t going to work for you.

But that’s exactly why these templates are so powerful.

With these emails, you’ll simply be one human being connecting with another human being, reaching out because you believe you can help them. That’s your motivation: to help them. You tell them what you can do and why you think you’re the right fit for them.

You gently nudge them to communicate with you more so you can get to know each other better. And soon after, you close the deal.

If You’re Still Reading This, It’s Because Nothing Else Has Worked for You Yet

And that’s okay because learning how to consistently land high-paying clients takes a ton of trial and error.

I’ve already done all the work. I’ve made the mistakes and spent an embarrassing amount of money on Facebook ads and driven around the neighborhood passing out free audits to local businesses.

Now, cold emailing is my only method of client acquisition.

It worked for me, and it can work for you too.

Ready to land your next client?

Get the templates at Gumroad.

Get the templates at Etsy.

FAQs About Cold Emailing

What is cold emailing?

A cold email is a message sent to a recipient whom you have no prior relationship with.

Isn’t cold emailing the same as spam?

NO! You absolutely can make it spammy, but when you do it the right way, there’s nothing wrong with cold emailing, and it can be highly effective.

How do I know who to cold email?

We refer to this as “sourcing leads,” and you can learn more about that by watching the video below!